Come for a good piece of juicy meat. For BIO beef from the Czech Republic. For great vegetables from local farmers. For homemade beer and homemade lemonades, which will quench your thirst. And trains. Lots, lots of beautiful trains that we designed, built and programmed to bring food and drinks to your table.

Our wish is for people to come to us with joy. Enjoy good dishes from quality ingredients, which we serve them in non-traditional interiors. We are a restaurant where, thanks to the unique service, adults and children like to sit. You can just stop by or buy discounted vouchers in advance.

Offer: á la Carte

Menu: Weekdays from 11AM to 15PM

Let our trains to serve you

We founded Výtopna restaurant in 2009 and even back then the place was crossed by small train models. During that time, our trains have travelled millions of model kilometers and thousands of real ones. We make our trains ourselves, so you can be sure that you will not see them anywhere else. They drive without delay and always arrive at their destination with a portion of amazing food and drinks.



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Contribution to the maintenance of the railway line to ensure a smooth ride. Includes: snow removal, muddy cleaning, sleeper replacement, fastener replacement, rail welding, turnout regeneration and more.

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Our restaurant


Do you like Výtopna? You can open your own. Information on cooperation can be found on the main website or contact us at

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